Keynote Speaking

Mark at Asian-Pacific Trade Summit in Hong Kong

If there one characteristic that personifies Mark Schultz it would probably be speed. When Mark was a kid his favorite superhero was the Flash. In 2 years he won the Northern California gymnastics championships. In 16 months he won the California High School State Wrestling Championships. In 4 years he won the NCAA Wrestling Championships. In 7 years he won the Olympics. With 1 day’s notice he fought and won UFC IX under no-holds-barred rules. Now that Mark’s athletic career is over he travels the world speaking in an informative and entertaining way on how to improve rapidly in your chosen endeavor. Mark’s life was changed dramatically by the Eastern Indian teacher Jiddu Krishnamurti and has used his teachings to help him live in a way that brings peace of mind and an ability to focus on whatever he wants to learn. Mark now travels the world to teach what his life experience has taught him.